Over time processes evolve to fit the cultures of the day. Although the basic principles remain the same, the screen printing process uses different materials than it did historically. It is quickly becoming a staple ingredient to successful marketing campaigns. Company merchandise often sports screen printed designs that draw the eye.

A Changing Industry

There are several experimental techniques being used to create different design-driven effects. Newer options within the screen printing process include:

  • heat sealing with transfer paper- the finished product has a certain shine
  • heat transfer on specialty ink- increases the depth to the design
  • creating an effect similar to embroidery
  • varying ink thicknesses to create a fading effect, simulating an aged look
  • printing with silicone providing an advantage in product lifespan and in preventing dye running
  • designs that have more dimension
  • creating a semi-gloss look

Looking Ahead

As electronics advance, so too does the screen printing industry. Improved materials provides an edge for screen printing technology. The outcome is vibrant, long-lasting, and memorable products. In order to stay in the game, screen printing specialists need to stay aware of competing technologies and experiment with techniques to stay relevant. Providing great work requires an educational frame of mind and a go-getting attitude.

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