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Menu Boards

Menu boards encourage retention of your brand and drive sales, particularly when the signs are placed at point of sale. It can be the extra little push a customer needs to pick up one last item or say yes to something about which he or she is uncertain.

Major benefits of using a menu board include:

  • Method for brand consistency
  • Highly visible advertising
  • Provides opportunity to up-sell
  • Potential for improving customer experience

Menu boards can be used for:

  • Highlighting special items of the day
  • Directing customers to sale products
  • Fun facts that add expression to your brand
  • Games to pass any time spent waiting
  • Customized graphics that epitomize your mission statement

Other perks include:

  • Talking point potential: a clear message can easily be spread by word of mouth and through social media
  • Visual interest adds to the ambiance of your store, making your brand more tangible
  • Menu boards are low maintenance: they are durable, clean, and the message is easy to change when you wish to highlight something new
  • The boards are a cost-effect advertising method, particularly in the restaurant industry

The menu board provides a versatile platform for branding purposes. Our design specialists are happy to discuss the potential of the product and offer suggestions that fit your branding needs.

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