Screen Printing Classes

How is screen printing done? Here is your chance to find out! At Design Brand Print we are offering introductory and basic screen printing classes. Screen printing is a creative, fun, and popular technique to apply designs to new materials, i.e. spreading ink evenly over a mesh. Certain parts of that mesh will be blocked by emulsion, leaving open spaces that form the silhouette of your original design. If you are brand new to screen printing, these classes are perfect for you.

What You Will Learn From Screen Printing Classes By Design Brand Print

Here is a quick look at some of the main take-aways of our screen printing classes:

  • Understand the fundamentals of screen printing
  • Choosing the right tools and materials to work with
  • Working with photosensitive materials
  • Create bold designs and screen printing transparency sheets that translate well to printing
  • Creating a dark room in your space
  • Preparing screens for printing on paper (best practices)

We will cover screen printing with simple stencil cutouts (from tracing paper), printing custom cards, and even screen printing on fabric. Design Brand Print aims to help our valued clients create successful prints on fabric and paper with any artwork they please.

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You can enjoy complete peace of mind that the rates of our classes are reasonable and competitive. What’s more, we provide all of the materials that the class requires, including paper, ink, emulsion, frames, etc. To attend our screen printing classes, you just need to wear a comfortable set of clothes that you don’t mind getting a little messy in.