Free Site Audit

Free Site Audit

You have your website; now what? How do you know if it is serving its intended purpose? What can help your plan stay on the right track? In order to find the answers to these questions, a website audit is the place to start

What is a website audit?

A website audit is a service that can help you figure out the efficacy of your online presence. It can mark areas that are in trouble and recommend possible methods of improvement. The audit will:

  • Determine the efficacy of your SEO – What page do you end up on, on the search engine, when potential customers search for services or products that you provide?
  • Increase queries to find the trouble spots in your online presence
  • Allow you to recognize what works and what doesn’t by providing engagement data
  • Prevents a reputation of being spam, rather than a legitimate company, which could impact traffic to your website
  • Test the speed of your website
  • Look for glitches such as broken links

A website audit can also help you recognize where your expectations meet reality.

Does your intended representation reach your target market? If there are gaps in interpretation, what can you do to fix them? Our specialists will help you translate audit data and offer solutions to make your expectations meet your intended goals.

Why choose us?

Design Brand Print offers this website audit for free as part of our inclusive branding package. We use this evaluation to make the necessary improvements to your web presence. Let us help you reach your goals.

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