BG Digital Marketing
BG Digital Marketing

Catseye warehouses store a large inventory of products to help create your custom design. We are open to discussing your vision in detail and finding the best solution for your branding needs. Displays are useful within stores as well as at events; they provide a first look at your brand’s personality and can guide customer interaction.

Our versatile inventory includes:

  • In-house graphic design and full color printing capabilities
  • Variety of lightweight, transportable products including tents, chairs, and banners

Our specialists have quick turnaround time, getting the product to you in an efficient manner. We can guide you through the creative process, designing a custom display for your satisfaction.

Displays can be used for:

  • Special events
  • Conferences
  • Launch parties
  • Drawing attention to your storefront
  • General photo opportunities

Benefits of using customized displays include:

  • It is an effective method of adding personality to your brand
  • Products are reusable, giving you a quick solution for a later date
  • The display becomes a talking point, spreading your brand by word of mouth and through social media
  • Customized displays are a cost-effective method of advertising and marketing your branding
  • Products designed for you will stand out in the crowd
  • Customer experience can be improved, particularly if the display contains interactive qualities

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