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Web Development

Web development involves the technological and strategic aspects of building a website. It works alongside web services to create a cohesive representation of your brand.

How do you know your website is secure?

  • It has an SSL certificate
  • Regular backups are made
  • The server is updated regularly

We work with open source technology that do not require ongoing fees. Our preferred platforms include:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Bootstrap
  • Yii Framework

What goes into web development?

Web development is the overarching process involved in your online presence. It includes website creation as well as its maintenance. Although each experience will be unique to company needs, there are stages to web development that all websites must go through in order to become successful.

  • Gathering information – What are your goals? Who is your target audience?
  • The planning phase – Given your goals, what should be included on the website?
  • Layout design – Sketch out the layout for your website. Where does each piece belong?
  • Content writing – Creation of text for your website
  • Coding – Creation of the website itself
  • Testing, reviewing, and launching the website – Make sure that no links are broken before publishing.
  • Consistent maintenance – Keep your website up to date.

Why choose us?

Design Brand Print has qualified experts in leading programming languages. We are certified in HTML 5, PHP, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. Developers are also experienced in Delphi, Java, VBA, ASP, and C++. We deliver high performance quality products in line with your company goals.

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