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The layout of your website is the glue that holds a brand together online. A brand can gain a competitive edge with an eye-catching organizational scheme. Design Brand Print is here to help you grab this advantage and gain some ground within your industry.

Why is layout so important?

The layout of your website can make or break your online presence. Snap judgments are often made due to feelings that cannot entirely be explained. It is not always due to something tangible, but individuals can just feel when something is not right. This might be enough for a potential audience member to stop looking at your website, even if the content seemed interesting at first. Design Brand Print will work with you to find the proper solution.

What makes a good layout?

There are several factors contributing to the quality of the layout including:

  • Legibility provides both visual interest and readability. Clean organization and font type can capture the attention of an audience.
  • A hook draws an audience to the page by offering some sort of connective quality. This hook might be a photo or a video, or a catchy headline.
  • Emotive imagery helps your audience get to know you. Each graphic provides some insight into your intentions.
  • Color theory holds the layout together. There are several ways to highlight specific points on your site through the use of color.

Why choose us?

The experts at Design Brand Print value brand loyalty. Our services, every decision that is made, reflects your values. We take the time to know who you are and how you accomplish your goals.

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