BG Digital Marketing
BG Digital Marketing

Brochures, menus, and flyers are part of a long-standing tradition for advertising a brand. Our design team is here to help create a suitable layout for your needs, one that will stand out in the sea of advertisement.

Services include:

  • Creating layout for materials
  • Providing options in material size
  • Choice of paper stock and folds
  • Postal services

Options for folding content

  • Flat (none)
  • Accordian
  • Half fold
  • Roll fold
  • Tri fold
  • Z-fold
  • Double parallel fold
  • Gatefold
  • Half fold then tri fold
  • Double gatefold

Brochures, menus, and flyers reflect your brand. The stationary can:

  • Be the first impression within a potential new market
  • Update customers about changes to your business
  • Advertise sales and highlight specialty items
  • Spread your message in an efficient manner
  • Demonstrate company values through its design

Questions to consider in the creation process include:

  • What do the colors and graphics say about the brand?
  • What are the key concepts that need to be expressed?
  • What does the typography say about the brand?
  • What does the target market get out of the finished product?
  • How can the brochure or flyer stick out?

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